Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Pop music quickies

Item one: I recently bought the Future Bible Heroes album Eternal Youth, and (to paraphrase W. Ferrell imitating G. W. Bush) "I approve of this album. In fact, I think it is awesome." The Future Bible Heroes' quirky electro-pop silliness may not appeal to everyone, but it's been a long time since a pop lyric's rhyme actually surprised me. From "Losing Your Affection":

I would rather be a frog speaking Tagalog
as they start the vivisection
I would rather be the dog food in front of the dog
than be losing your affection

Or, from "Doris DayTheEarthStoodStill":

They don't know we're out here
as far as we can tell
so jamming all our senses with advertising hell
midnight movie heaven, is accidental, well
details at eleven.

Doris DayTheEarthStoodStill
the hippest chick on Thurth
let's live always in the dream
they beam from Planet Earth
all our tentacles entwined
snow-blind and without sound
Doris DayTheEarthStoodStill
you make my world go round

The rest of album never quite rises to the heights of these first two tracks, but it's still lovely. One small downside to this particular album is that polymath pop genius Stephin Merritt doesn't sing. Claudia Gonson does a fine job with the vocals, but there's nothing like hearing Merritt's deep sardonic/earnest voice let loose with a lyric that balances the absurd and the poignant on a knife's edge.

Item two: Today I dug out Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's Experimental Remixes again from the depths of my hard drive. This disc may be my favorite E.P. from the 90's. Kick ass. Though I have to admit that I've always been vaguely embarrassed that I like the JSBX because, frankly, they're really fucking obnoxious, musically and personally.

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