Friday, July 30, 2004

"Why the Dems Will Lose"

Humble prediction: this guy's going to look pretty stupid in four months.

One of the odd things about getting your news via Google is that you come across links to publications you would never otherwise read. Anyway, it's pretty funny --- or maybe just sad --- how Novak bloviates for half the column, working up his masturbatory fantasy of Republican triumphalism and Democratic dejection, and then finally gets around to giving six limp and laughable "reasons" that Kerry will lose. Kerry in a NASA bunny suit? Are you kidding? Do right-wingers seriously think that voters care about this stuff, or are they just desperately throwing random shit at the wall, praying that some of it sticks? (Why do I bother asking?)

Most laughable of all is the way Novak closes the column, attempting to deputize Tom Paine to prop up Novak's theory that God will guarantee Bush's win. This is wrong on so many levels I simply cannot do it justice, except by saying that it is fractally wrong.

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