Monday, July 26, 2004

The crucial role of PBS

Specifically in order to keep up with the Democratic Convention, I finally caved in and bought a television antenna today (this follows the recent purchase of the television itself to watch DVDs). So... there's probably about a hundred free channels of broadcast television bandwidth in the Seattle area. Only nine of them are occupied. Guess how many of those channels are rebroadcasting the Democratic National Convention right now, during Pacific prime time? One.

I guess that's enough to cover the main stage (although the main stage show is hardly the only thing that happens at conventions, and it wouldn't hurt if Americans got a chance to see the rest), but it still pisses me off that the publicly owned airwaves are currently broadcasting all kinds of trivial b.s. instead of one of the key events of our political process. Trivial b.s. is OK, sure, but we have the bandwidth to support both trivial b.s. and a lot more coverage of the convention.

Incidentally, what the fuck is with David Brooks being chosen to do the color commentary on PBS? Blech.

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