Sunday, May 23, 2004

Stability in Iraq: A Modest Proposal

On today's Times front page, we learn that, last night, American forces raided a weapons cache held by insurgents in Karbala. Now, for years, pro-gun activists from the NRA and elsewhere have informed us that the widespread possession of arms reduces crime dramatically, thereby improving social stability; and that confiscating people's weapons is both the worst kind of tyranny and a recipe for disaster. Well, here we are, in Iraq, confiscating people's weapons, and it's turned into a total shitstorm. Could there be any more potent demonstration of the wrongheadedness of gun control?

The National Rifle Association's patriotic duty is clear: it must start a fundraising drive to purchase millions of rifles and ship them to Iraqi civilians. Once every Iraqi possesses a rifle, stability in Iraq will improve dramatically.

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