Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In which I toss comparative advantage to the wind

Attention conservation notice: Nothing but a link to an alternate blog that bears at best a distant topical relationship to this one.

I am a reasonably competent writer and programmer. Nevertheless, for some reason I have not been writing much lately (and not finishing the things I start); and as for programming, I code so much at work that, at the end of the day, that particular mental muscle prefers to sack out on the couch.

So, I have lately taken up drawing a comic strip instead, which I offer with neither apology, nor remorse, nor particular endorsement of its quality. It's kind of fun to be doing something that I am not particularly good at. Expect updates every Tuesday.

Be warned that in my writing, I care about getting things right, whereas with the strip I deliberately plan to privilege regularity and volume over quality. One interesting thing about drawing is that even if you don't have any ideas, you can kind of bullshit around with your instrument and learn something about the craft by observing your mistakes: how not to cross hatch a circular area, how not to draw a foreshortened hand, how not to balance light and dark areas on the page. By contrast, bullshitting around in prose fills me with a moral, existential horror.

Anyway, enough expectations management. By this point you know whether you care or not. I now return you to the usual regimen of irregularly updated spleen.

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