Sunday, November 12, 2006

Someone please write this application for me

As follows:

  • Scan the contents of my music collection, including all .mp3 and .ogg files on my hard disk, on my portable music player, and my download history from (And, what the hell, scan that other online music store too, though I never buy anything from there.)
  • Cross-reference with all known databases of concert listings.
  • Email me a weekly schedule of shows in my area for bands I like. The schedule will contain two lists: (1) tickets that go on sale this week; (2) shows playing this week.

Basically, I listen to too many bands to keep up with them all manually. I refuse to spend hours browsing myspace profiles every week. Even scanning the SF Bay Guardian listings taxes my patience, and it's easy to miss a line or forget a band if I've just downloaded their song recently. I always seem to find out about shows a couple of weeks after they've happened. Mobius Band was here in mid-October and Voxtrot was here last weekend. I missed them both. Grrr.

Actually, about 90% of what I need could be accomplished by emusic directly, since they already have my download list, and I get the lion's share of my recent music from them.

1 comment:

  1. check out - they don't have ticket integration yet, but they've been working on personalized concert calendars based on your music preference. It doesn't scan your music collection, though. Instead, you install a plugin (for itunes or whatever) and it tracks what you listen to and creates your profile. That way it can also recommend bands you haven't heard of.