Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year's roundup: resolutions, NYC tourism, and Friday (friend's) cat blogging

(Warning: Navel-gazing ahead. I'm sitting home sick on a Friday night, and so I blog. Pity me, world!)

Resolutions, briefly:

  1. Will finish my proofs, defend, and graduate.
  2. Will donate a greater fraction of income to charity, keeping a monthly running tally. (Renewed from last year, with greater specificity this time.)
  3. Will read at least one non-"genre" novel per month. (I never thought I'd need this sort of resolution, but I recently did my tally for last year and found, to my surprise, that I had read fewer than a dozen novels over the entire year.)
  4. Will write one complete work of non-blog prose greater than 50,000 words in length.
  5. Will hike eight trails I have never hiked before.

Next, here are some pictures from my holiday trips into NYC, the city where my heart is buried. I played the tourist through and through, because I realized recently that I didn't have any of my own (copyright-unencumbered) images of most NYC sights. Most of these should be readily identifiable...

Lastly, my first-ever Friday cat blogging, wherein I commandeer the cats of my NYC friends PM and JW:

"The surly one"

"The friendly one"


  1. oh no! i hope i didn't make you sick.

  2. That's pretty unlikely. Brunch didn't take that long. I'm currently thinking that it was the profusely coughing woman standing next to me on line for the flight to SFO. However, between traveling between three cities and meeting interviewers, family, and friends, there's no telling where I got it from.

    Anyway, I hope that doesn't mean you're sick now too.

  3. The picture of The Surly One looks uncannily like mine.

    Is he sans a back leg, I can't tell from the photo? If so, it becomes freakishly uncanny (even if statistically explicable).