Sunday, November 20, 2005


(Warning: LiveJournal-ish conspicuous display of musical preferences ahead. Skip if you value your time.)

I have two mix CDs (or, if you like, mp3/ogg playlists) that have been sitting half-formed on my hard drive for months. I realized today that I may never complete them unassisted, so I am (in the lazyweb spirit) asking for help. Since my friends are, on average, more musical than I am, this might even work.

And, even if you can't be bothered to help me out, maybe you'll find parts of these useful as kernels for your own playlists...

Here's the first one:

  1. E-Pro [Beck, 3:22]
  2. Remote Control [Beastie Boys, 2:58]
  3. Organ Donor (extended overhaul) [DJ Shadow, 4:25]
  4. Failure's No Option [The Herbaliser (feat. Cappo), 3:01]
  5. Galaxy Bounce [The Chemical Brothers, 3:27]
  6. Black Steel [Tricky, 5:40]
  7. Machete [Moby, 3:36]

This partial mix starts off strong (the transition from E-Pro to Remote Control is, in my completely biased opinion, almost uncanny --- try queueing them up) but I need about a half-dozen tracks to finish it off.

The second mix is more downtempo, suitable for wallowing in a gray Pacific Northwest winter:

  1. Girl on the Wing [The Shins, 2:50]
  2. The World May Never Know [Dr. Dog, 3:02]
  3. The Fairest of the Seasons [Nico, 4:06]
  4. Jesus, Etc. [Wilco, 3:50]
  5. We Float [PJ Harvey, 6:09]
  6. Porcelain [Moby, 4:00]
  7. Hell is Round the Corner [Tricky, 4;30]
  8. Hymn of the Big Wheel [Massive Attack, 6:36]
  9. Starcleaner [Brian Jonestown Massacre, 2:28]

The end of this mix is basically complete. I need about four or five tracks to lead into "Girl on the Wing", though I'm also open to suggestions for changes in the middle.

Suggestions? Post here, or post on your own site and let Technorati pick it up. I am moderately obsessive about getting mixes right, and I will buy entire albums, if necessary, in order to get a track I need.

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