Sunday, July 10, 2005

Preparing for my job search, and Google frustrations

I doubt very much that this prof's attitude prevails in most hiring committees.[0] However, my ongoing war to make Google forget my real name is not going well, as you can all verify [1], and to play it safe I've decided to take drastic measures. I'm taking down this blog later this month; hopefully, Google will manage to erase it from their cache and search results in the few months between July and the fall application season.

I am also going to be on total blogging hiatus until July 19th (the reason for this date should be pretty obvious to the programming language researchers out there). At that date or thereabouts, I will resume at my new personal blog, I Sub Rosa. Point bookmarks, aggregators, and whatnot, if you use such things, to that URL, since this one will stop working in a week or two.

Let's see if Google chases me there...

[0] If I were less busy these days, I could dissect this essay in more detail, but I'll just have to exercise some self-control.

[1] Incidentally, as far as I can tell, I have succeeded in scrubbing the web of all direct links that use my real name in the link text. Interestingly, however, this doesn't actually take this blog off search results for my name, which leads me to believe that Google uses historical page data when computing the relevance matrix. This could be a design feature, or a bug that pops up due to persistence of stale page indexes.


  1. I am bummed to see you abandon and dismantle this blog, although I do understand and respect the reasons you are doing this. I have dropped my link to this blog and instead linked to your new blog. I hope you keep on posting. Good luck with your career, too.


  2. It's been fun reading. Looking forward to the new blog.

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