Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Gratuitous post from the airport

So, due to various circumstances, I got to Sea-Tac about 5 minutes too late to check in for my flight. Had I been a personage of any importance, no doubt they would have made an exception and hustled me through to the gate, but as it is, I'm stuck here for the next five and a half hours or so, killing time till the next flight. However, I am happy to report that the Starbucks in the B wing, at least, has free wireless.* I've tried this in Sea-Tac before, and I've had to pay; and Port of Seattle seems to think that Wayport runs the wireless concession; so I think that this is courtesy of Starbucks, not the magnanimity of Port of Seattle.

Nevertheless, I feel cool. Welcome to the future. Too bad I have nothing interesting to say.

* For Sea-Tac aficionadoes, the Starbucks by B5, not the hybrid Starbucks/Pizza Hut out at the tip of the terminal.

UPDATE: Starbucks just closed (5pm! unbelievable), and /sbin/iwconfig informs me that the current ESSID is "Wayport_Access". Therefore, I conclude that the either (1) Wayport is having a freebie today, or (2) something is fubar, or (3) my laptop's godly karma gives me free wireless wherever I go. My current guess is that it's some combination of (2) and the fact that I'm running Linux. Well, whatever; I'm happy in any case.

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