Friday, August 01, 2003

Those wacky leftists, and their conspira---oh, wait a second.

Laurie Mylroie thinks that the State Department and the CIA are deliberately undermining the War on Terror in order to protect their good buddy Saddam. (via Atrios)

Apparently, Mylroie's a friend of Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense, and her book has laudatory back-cover blurbs from prominent neoconservatives including Richard Perle and James Woolsey.

And right-wingers have the gall to accuse the left of making up conspiracy theories? Right, it's delusional partisan sophistry to claim that the Bush administration distorted evidence about Iraq's nuclear weapons program, but saying that the CIA framed bin Laden to protect Saddam is just jolly good investigative reporting!

Dimly related: PBS interview with Mylroie.

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